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ABC Gardening Australia » Gardening Australia television and magazine website.
Aquaponics For Everyone


Aquaponics combines hydroponic food production with fish aquaculture to create amazingly productive food and fish growing systems.

Australian Certified Organic »


Organic certification and product information.
Open Gardens Southeast Queensland » Garden opening information for Southeast Queensland
Bio-Dynamic Agriculture Australia » Biodynamic farming, events, products, courses etc.
Brisbane Organic Growers » A grass roots, non-profit organisation of organic home gardeners.
Department of Environment and Resource Management » Use this site to obtain a list of local native plants known to grow naturally in the area where you live in Queensland. 
Eden Seeds » Suppliers of non-hybrid flower vegetable seeds including certified select organic seed range.

National Association For Sustainable Agriculture Australia Ltd (NASAA)

» Organic certification services.
Northey Street City Farm » Organic city farm located in the heart of Brisbane which includes a nursery supplying organic food plants and a weekly organic food market.
Seed Savers’ Network » A network of members maintaining and preserving a non-hybrid seed bank.
Weed Gunnel » Organic weed cloth.

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